“I want to design for people who are in need of just that little bit extra help. Enabling them to live their lives happier and easier.”

Study and future
Recently I graduated from the master Design for Interaction (DfI) at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) at the TU Delft. Before starting my master I completed my bachelor at this faculty as well.
Already very early in my life I knew I wanted to study Industrial Design Engineering. I was always searching for possibilities to make life easier and happier and I kept on doing this during my study. A passion for designing for people who are in need of just that little bit extra help was developed during my high school already. Because of this passion I did most of my projects in a medical direction. It makes me happy to design for people who really need help and to help them with products that make them happy as well, like I did with my project for children with Down syndrome. To be able to design in the best possible way for these people I did a minor in healthcare for technical students and I did an extra specialization within my master called Medisign. Moreover, I studied the master medical design in Germany during a semester abroad. These extra's helped me to get more in-depth information about the medical field, its people and the way of working.

Currently I am looking for a job in which I can perform my greatest passion; designing for people who are just in need of that little bit extra help so I can help them to live their lives easier and happier. A high aim, but something I want to achieve with every power I have.


My goal as a designer is to design for people who are not always able to tell they need help. I want to make them live their lives happier and easier. That is why I believe my designs should be really useful and should complete the lives of the people I am designing for. Performing design research helps me to dive in the lives of these people and discover what is really needed to help them. My strength is to connect the stories of different stakeholders into one complete overview of the situation. This enables me to design for the very relevant problems. I believe that through this I can really make a difference in the lives of people who really need it.

During my free time I love to craft and make small presents for friends and family. These projects often help me to express my creativity and to experiment with new techniques. I like to use new methods and think about how this would work out the best way. Moreover I am a ballroom dancer and I founded the student dance association in Delft. Furthermore I love to sail on the sea. I am a catamaran sailing instructor as well. Learning both adults and children how to improve their (sailing) skills is what I like to do.

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