Fresh dressing in one turn

I designed the “Dressing Turner” based on upcoming trends in the field of dining and eating. The Dressing Turner makes it possible to make your own dressing of fresh herbs in an easy way. With this design I participated in the Hema Design competition.

Eating and dining
The year I participated in the Hema Design Competition the theme was eating and dining. Therefore, I researched ways of dining and analyzed upcoming trends in the Netherlands. As a result I found that there is a trend that people want to live more ‘basic’. This means for example; less electronic devices, more quality time with friends and family and back to nature. Relating this to the topic of eating and dining, an example of this can be growing your own herbs and having very long, relax diners with your family. I made me think of these large diners with family in Italy, just using local products and having the whole evening to talk to each other.

Based on this trend, vision and current products of Hema, a goal was set. This was formulated as:
"Create a product that can make salad dressings from fresh herbs in an easy way, fitting the trend of back to basic and the vision of long evenings of talking with each other”.


The concept
Based on this goal, the Dressing Turner was designed. This design has three functions.

It is able to make salad dressing in an easy way from fresh herbs.
An herb grinder is designed in the lid of the bottle. By placing the fresh herbs into this lid, closing it and turning it, the herbs are grind. By sliding out the bottom of the lid, the herbs fall in the bottle and can be mixed with all kinds of fluids such as olive oil or balsamic. This is all possible without removing the lid from the bottle and by just a few gestures.

Placing herbs in lid
Just turn the lid to grind the herbs

It can be placed on the table to serve the dressing.

With this design it is not necessary anymore to pour the dressing over in a separate bottle once made. Because the bottle has a beautiful and ergonomic form and has a spout, it is perfectly designed be placed on every table during dinner.

The lid with rubber sealing enables conserving of the dressing

It is possible to store the dressing.
Mostly it is easy to make more dressing at the same time, although you know it won’t be used directly. Storing your freshly made dressing is therefore a good solution. With the Dressing Turner, this is made easy. Because of the securely closing cap, it is not needed anymore to pour the dressing over in a separate bottle before storing the dressing in the fridge. In this way the freshly made dressing can be used multiple times and stored in an easy way.

For this course I made real-life prototype of the bottle of self-blown glass. In this way I was possible to design my prototype in the exact same way as it was intended. This prototype includes, for example, the ergonomic form and the spout.


Moreover, I prototyped the lid of the bottle by using 3D-printing. With this, the lid and the grinder that is inside it, is fully working.


Furthermore, I designed the package for the prototype in such a way it fits current Hema packages and products. Lastly, I made a small receipt booklet. This booklet was added to the package and shows recipes to make salad dressings from fresh herbs,.


Individual project for the course Cross Media Interaction Design and the Hema Design competition (2014)