Personal projects

Laser cutting
I started laser cutting a few years ago. During my internship at Fablab I strengthened this skill. At this moment I am making presents (such as wooden cutting boards) and jewelry by using laser cutting as a technique. I love to try out new materials to laser cut and to try to make a more difficult design every time. I even designed and produced my own chess board!

Laser cutted amulets I made at Fablab, all own design

Laser cut amulets I made at Fablab


Laser cut armband made from crock fabric in combination with normal blue fabric

Personal projects

Metal and wooden laser cut jewelry


Wooden cutting board made as a present


Chess board made of a combination of wood and acrylic. The chess board has a little drawer to store the pieces


Wooden cutting board with laser cut logo I designed


Cutting and printing on different materials
Using the CNC cutting machine in combination with printing on different materials, I made  these designs. Here again I love the make and try different designs and materials to see what would work. Some of these works will be sold in the future.


My pictures and designs printed on cardboard, cut in different sizes


Card I made as a small handout for my graduation presentation


Cardboard lamp of my own design, printed with a beach/summer pattern


Cardboard reindeer made as a promotion for Christmas


Christmas balls with personal print made of forex


Christmas balls made of beer felt material. Can be used as coaster


Drink coasters with my personal design


Designing with fabric
Often I made use of fabric to design. First of all I love to make themed outfits using my sewing machine. Moreover, I like to design my own prints and to print them on fabric such as t-shirts and bags.



Knitting and crocheting
To relax I make my own designs by knitting or crocheting. Mostly I make my creations as a present for someone. However, when you see me during the winter you will notice that I am always wearing one of my  own hats.