Reinventing the wine bottle

Reinventing the wine bottle

This wine bottle is designed for the winery Ysios in the Rioja region in Spain at a four day workshop during my period abroad. Designed for the image of the winery and for the pleasure of using the bottle, this bottle has an unique look and feel.

Ysios winery, Spain
Ysios winery, Spain
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The form of the bottle represents the mountains, where Ysios is located, reminding of their origin. Moreover, the form corresponds to the form of the hand, making it pleasant to hold the bottle.

Names and colors
The name of the winery is an combination of the names of the Egyptian gods Isis and Osiris. The labels for the three different kind of wines are designed inspired by the Egyptian roots of the Ysios name.
Firstly, being named after Egyptian gods as well, the names of the wines correspondent to the winery. Furthermore, the names correspond to the type of wine they represent; Chepre (god of the morning and therefore representing the wine with the least years of aging (Crianza)), Re (god of the midday and therefore representing the wine that aged for three years (Reserva)) and Atum (god of the evening and night and therefor representing the wine with the longest aging (Gran Reserva)).
Moreover, the colors of the labels are chosen inspired by ancient Egyptian colors. Lastly, the font of the wine names on the label are roughly inspired by Egyptian writing.

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The label of the wine bottle is make is cork. This gives it a robust look, corresponding with the location of the winery. Moreover, by using cork fabric, the label has a soft feeling when the user touches it. In this way and extra meaning is added to the slogan of the designed bottle; "feel the taste".

In order to increase the special feeling for this newly designed bottle, a special package is added. Again, the design of this package is inspired by the environment Ysios is located in. Moreover, the package is desinged to look similar to the building of Ysios. Furthermore, an extra label is added to the wine bottle, providing more explanation about the wine and the name of the wine.

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Production methods
The bottle is made by 3D printing, sanding and brush painting.

The label is made by laser cutting cork in combination with colored fabric behind it. Enhancing the robust feeling.

The package is made by laser cutting wood, again combined with colored fabric.


A master group project at the Muthesius Kunsthochschule, Kiel (2017)