Reflecting on me as a designer

I reflected on how I am as a designer by looking back on the important events and courses during my life. Presenting my analysis of this in a fitting way.

I analyzed that how I am as a designer is based on different aspects of my character, the projects I did, the choices I made and my childhood. Moreover, I analyzed that I see myself as a designer with a 'puzzling approach'. This means that I love to collect stories, often with loose ends, and that my strength is to connect those loose ends together into one full story. With this approach I am able to get to know the context and target group to the fullest and design an appropriate solution for them. Therefore I presented this analysis by making a puzzle of wood. Each piece represents an event that influenced me as a designer. Moreover, the reflection showed me that my strength lies in doing this research and that I want to keep on puzzling!

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Individual project for the course reflecting on Designing (2017)